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Thank you for your interest in fundraising for this great cause; to help the deaf and hard of hearing to better connect with the world around them. We wouldn't be able to make a difference without people like you who help do fundraising. Below are a few ways that you can be a fundraiser with us. 

Online Fundraiser - Using platforms such as Fundly to create a Fundraising Campaign. This can be for someone you know who needs hearing help, or to help those we already have selected to receive assistance.

Community Fundraiser - Assist us by networking within your community for In-Kind donations, cash donations, workplace fundraisers, or community event fundraisers.

Event Organizer Fundraiser - Do you have a great idea for a fundraising event? Do you have support from family and friends to help you organize and follow through with the event? We would love to hear about your idea.

Please contact us and tell us how you'd like to be involved with fundraising.

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