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Justin Osmond

Founder & CEO


Justin Osmond, the second son of Merrill & Mary Osmond was born with a profound sensorial-neural hearing loss.  Diagnosed at the age of two, he finally got to hear life’s precious sounds for the first time.

After 12 years of intense speech and listening therapy, Justin can speak with passion and

hear with conviction while motivating and encouraging others with hearing impairments to achieve their dreams.

Justin’s journey to better hearing had many obstacles and challenges that represented stumbling blocks, despair and lack of hope.  But his will-power, determination, desire,

and hope surpassed all hurdles that stood in his way.

Despite the inevitable, and with a 90% hearing loss, he went on to play the violin, viola, piano, and drums. Justin’s received numerous awards such as the prestigious sterling scholarship in music, academic scholarships, honorary achievements, and many athletic titles in soccer, football, basketball, and track. He is also proud to represent the Boy Scouts of America as an Eagle Scout and he currently has his Masters in Business Administration (MBA).


Justin served for 11 years as public relations, board member, and a spokesperson for the Starkey Hearing Foundation, providing hearing help to children worldwide. He traveled the world with one objective in mind: To leave Better Hearing Smiles behind.

Justin Osmond - Founder & Ceo
Kristi Osmond - Chief Operating Officer

Kristi Osmond

Chief Operating Officer


Kristi is originally from Lake Powell, AZ (ok, technically Page, AZ). She came from a family with 6 kids and she loves and respects each of them and loves spending time with them.

Her background is in various businesses, including: Financial Services, Real Estate Developing, Medical Equipment, and sales. She also co-invented a swimwear accessory,

so she has an array of interests that help her bring all those skills to the OOHF. She enjoys working with people and problem solving. Challenges are just an opportunity for growth

and she loves learning new things. Recently being asked to be COO for the Olive Osmond Hearing Fund allows Kristi to work in a field she is passionate about as she is married to Justin, who has a hearing loss, as well as having two sisters who are each deaf in one ear.

So being able to serve this community and work with so many great volunteers has been heart-warming and so rewarding. She is grateful for this experience. 

Shane Osmond

President & Chairman


Shane Osmond, the third son of Merrill Osmond, brings a diverse background to the Olive Osmond Hearing Fund, where he has played a significant role in the growth of the foundation.

Shane recently graduated from Western Governors University with his MBA (Masters of Business Administration) degree.  Shane has also worked in the telecom and health care industries, providing each industry with marketing, sales, and customer service expertise.  Aside from the management & corporate world, Shane has a heart of a philanthropist and enjoys his profession the most when in the service of others.

He strives to live by his personal motto, “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”


  Justin Osmond
  Founder & CEO
  Shane Osmond
  President  & Chairman
  Merrill Osmond
  Mary Osmond
  Pam Graf
  Board Member
  Vicki Wartman
  Board Member
  Justin Osmond
  Founder & CEO
  Kristi Osmond
  Chief Operating Officer
  Doug Solstad, CPA
  Chief Financial Officer
  MaKenzie Lauder
  Here 2 Hear Programs Director
  Virl Osmond
  Thomas Osmond
  Debbie Williams & the late
  Andy Williams
  Lennon Sisters
  Daniel O'Donnell
  Ron Clark
Shane Osmond - President & Chairman
Doug Solstad - Chief Financial Officer

Doug Solstad, CPA

Chief Financial Officer


Doug is passionate about helping people. As the owner of a tax and accounting firm, his professional background gives him a breadth of knowledge and skills that he uses to help his clients navigate the tax and business world. He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licensed in the state of Utah and a member of the American Institute of CPAs and the Utah Association of CPAs. He has also earned the Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation. After attending Dixie College (now Dixie State University) Doug received a Master of Accountancy degree with High Distinction from Southern Utah University. 


Doug's second daughter was born with a 65% hearing loss. After wearing the same set of hearing aids for many years, she was the recipient of new aids from the OOHF. This generosity sparked a desire, and when offered the opportunity to serve the OOHF, Doug jumped at the chance. In addition to serving the OOHF, he has served in leadership positions for numerous boards and organizations in Washington County.   


Doug’s greatest priority is his wife and five children. If he isn’t with family or working, he is probably busy serving.

MaKenzie Lauder - Here2Hear Program Director

MaKenzie Lauder

Here 2 Hear Program Director


My name is Makenzie Lauder. I was born in Centerville, UT as the youngest of six children.

I am currently the Director of the Here to Hear program. My involvement with this program began by being a recipient myself and my continued volunteer work with the foundation.

I am currently attending the Davis Applied Technology College to become an American Sign Language interpreter. I also attend BYU-Idaho through their online Pathway program. I am a UTRID (Utah Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf) member and attend workshops in the community to prepare myself for the interpreting field. I am passionate about ASL and learning about the Deaf culture. I am excited for this wonderful opportunity to work with the recipients and their families. I hope to assist in connecting the hearing and Deaf communities through you and the Olive Osmond Hearing Foundation.

We would like to thank our Fundraising Ambassadors and volunteers for their ongoing efforts:

Fundraising Ambassadors

Rosemary Ardolina

Leilani Cota

Jill DeLuca

Dawn Faber

Donna Kelly

Meyfohrt Family

Camilyn Morrison

Karen Paver

Katie Peck

Sandy Riggs

Tommie Weber

Pam Yamane

OOHF Main Volunteers

Heidi Grantham

Kati Henshall

Holden Jones

Jess Juarez

Shundra Stewart

If you are interested in joining the OOHF team,

please fill out our volunteer form or contact us.

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